Metering of water.


Another day goes by, another protests, This time the Community of Donaghmede voice there concerns about the controversial anti-water metering of homes in this country.

The Garda were out in force in Donaghmede today monitoring the peaceful protests against water metering in that area. Approximately 150 people gathered above St Donaghs Road at 2:00pm.

Water metering.

Water metering meeting.

Residents staged a peaceful demonstration against water charges today. Unlike the scenes in Clare Hall yesterday there was no violence reported but the voices of the community were heard and seen across the news feed of Dublin.

Protesters where accompanied by the presence of An Garda Síochána in the area to maintain the peace.

Anti-Water metering protest.

Water metering protests.
Police presence.

Going forward we can expect to see a rise in these protests within Dublin, people have started to realize that unless we voice our concerns about the issues on hand the politicians will just impose more and more austerity on this country.

What is your taught on this issue and how do you feel about the paying for water?


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